National Dec 26, 2013

Japan to continue SDF peacekeeping mission in South Sudan

The Self-Defense Forces will not withdraw from South Sudan, the government said Wednesday, as the United Nations continues operations to protect civilians from increasing violence in the country edging toward civil war. "We will continue to contribute to the nation-building of South Sudan along with ...

Editorials Dec 25, 2013

Breaching the weapons-export ban

It is deplorable that the Abe administration decided to provide rifle ammo to South Korean troops engaged in U.N. peacekeeping operations in South Sudan without consulting government officials first.

National Dec 24, 2013

Abe defends S. Sudan ammo supply

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan’s provision of ammunition to U.N. peacekeeping forces in South Sudan is part of his administration’s “proactive” contribution to world peace.

SDF duty put on hold; unit starts aiding refugees

National Dec 24, 2013

SDF duty put on hold; unit starts aiding refugees

Self-Defense Forces members participating in U.N. peacekeeping operations in South Sudan have suspended their infrastructure building work and have started instead to provide support for displaced people seeking refuge from violence at U.N. facilities in the capital, Juba. Col. Kenichi Igawa of the Ground Self-Defense ...

National Dec 23, 2013

Japan to supply ammo to ROK peacekeepers in South Sudan

The government decided Monday to supply ammunition to U.N. peacekeepers in South Sudan, paving the way for Japan to provide such supplies to foreign or U.N. military forces for the first time. Japan will provide 10,000 bullets without charge, most likely to South Korean troops ...

National Oct 15, 2013

GSDF mission to South Sudan extended for another year

The government said Tuesday it will extend the Ground Self-Defense Force mission in South Sudan as part of U.N. peacekeeping operations by one year after the current term expires Oct. 31. The number of GSDF personnel to be deployed will increase to 400 from the ...

National / Politics Oct 5, 2013

Another 50 SDF troops to join S. Sudan mission

The government aims to dispatch an additional 50 members of the Self-Defense Forces to a U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, raising the number of SDF personnel deployed there to around 400, a government source said. The measure is in line with the policy, announced ...