'Comfort women' recount wartime ordeals

National Oct 11, 2014

'Comfort women' recount wartime ordeals

Three women forced to work in Japan's wartime military brothels have been speaking out about their ordeals, saying the world should never forget what they went through. In recent interviews, the Indonesian, Filipina and Korean women repeated that they were the victims of systematic abduction ...

National Oct 10, 2014

Experts question indictment of Japanese journalist in South Korea

South Korea's indictment of the former Seoul bureau chief at the right-leaning daily Sankei Shimbun is being criticized by experts who say the move might represent an attack against a Japanese media outlet. Japanese journalist Tatsuya Kato, 48, was indicted Wednesday on charges of defaming ...

Park receives letter from Abe asking for summit

National / Politics Sep 20, 2014

Park receives letter from Abe asking for summit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked South Korean President Park Geun-hye for a summit meeting in a letter handed over on Friday, seeking a breakthrough in bilateral ties frozen by disagreements over Japan's wartime past, including the "comfort women" issue. Abe, in a letter handed to ...

World Aug 27, 2014

Japan, South Korea eye strategic talks in September

Japan and South Korea are preparing to hold a vice minister-level "strategic dialogue" possibly in early September in Tokyo, a senior Japanese Foreign Ministry official said on Wednesday. If realized, they would be the first such talks since South Korean President Park Geun-hye took office ...

Seoul's new envoy upbeat on patching up ties with Japan

National / Politics Aug 21, 2014

Seoul's new envoy upbeat on patching up ties with Japan

South Korea's new ambassador to Japan, Yoo Heung-soo, is optimistic about improving diplomatic relations with Japan and said he was looking forward to using his contacts to patch up ties when he takes his post over the weekend. "As the Korean saying goes, 'Land hardens ...

National / Politics Aug 15, 2014

Abe's shrine offering riles China, South Korea

China said Friday it "resolutely opposed" Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's monetary donation to war-related Yasukuni Shrine on Friday, the 69th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II. "We again urge the Japanese side to seriously take a responsible attitude" and "take practical action to ...