Unusual controllers preside at BitSummit

May 28, 2017

Unusual controllers preside at BitSummit


A man wearing a blue shirt and box over his head wandered the floor at Kyoto's Miyako Messe exhibition hall. As passersby stopped to look, he handed them empty lotion pump bottles and invited them to try squirting them. It was a quirky moment, and ...

/ May 9, 2017

Sony to launch electroluminescent TV with sound-emitting screen

Sony Corp. will from June 10 start selling 4K high-definition televisions featuring an organic electroluminescent screen that vibrates to reproduce sound and eliminates the need for conventional speakers. Along with the new sound system, the screen's ability to display deeper black levels and reproduce images ...

Mar 16, 2017

North Korean hacking group likely behind recent attacks on banks

A North Korean hacking group known as Lazarus was likely behind a recent campaign targeting organizations in 31 countries, following high-profile attacks on Bangladesh Bank, Sony and South Korea, cybersecurity firm Symantec Corp. said on Wednesday. Symantec said in a blog post that researchers have ...

Paul McCartney sues Sony/ATV to reclaim rights to Beatles music

Jan 19, 2017

Paul McCartney sues Sony/ATV to reclaim rights to Beatles music

Former Beatle Paul McCartney sued Sony Corp.'s music publishing arm on Wednesday in a federal court in New York, seeking to get back the copyrights to music of his former band, court records show. Starting in October 2008, McCartney sent notices to Sony/ATV Music Publishing ...