CEO: PS4 to tap new revenue streams

/ Jun 13, 2013

CEO: PS4 to tap new revenue streams


The financial hit from hardware outlays for the PlayStation4 won't be as big as they were for the PlayStation3, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President and CEO Andrew House said Tuesday. He also said the PS4 was designed to "allow for an aggressive cost-down strategy" over ...

Apr 21, 2011

The Libyan 'wedge' in NATO

The desire to "do something" about the situation in Libya drove the United Nations Security Council to authorize use of all possible measures — diplomatic language for military force — to protect civilian populations in that troubled country. The consensus behind that vote quickly ...

Jan 14, 2007

Wrong motive to study English

I agree with Gregory Clark's idea in his Dec. 30 article, "English should be an elective." Nowadays we often hear of the importance of English education in primary school. But I don't think we should attach great importance to it. Certainly, children can learn ...