Physics trio collect Nobel prize at gala

National / Science & Health Dec 11, 2014

Physics trio collect Nobel prize at gala

The three Japan-born physicists who won this year's Nobel Prize in physics for inventing energy-efficient blue light-emitting diodes received their prize at a ceremony in Stockholm on Wednesday. The three are Shuji Nakamura, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who was born ...

Editorials Oct 24, 2014

Patent law must retain incentives

As the government drafts amendments to the patent law, the question is how effective the new rules will be in ensuring fair corporate remuneration to inventors so that they keep their engineering talent in Japan to enhance the nation's industrial competitiveness.

Editorials Oct 8, 2014

Ingenuity key to Nobel success

The achievements of Nobel winners Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura highlight why scientific freedom and daring research should be encouraged in Japan.

National Jan 13, 2005

Inventor of blue LED angry with settlement

The inventor of the blue light-emitting diode said Wednesday he was forced to settle with Nichia Corp. out of court for ¥843 million over the diode patent. Shuji Nakamura, currently a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, arrived in Tokyo a day after ...

National Jan 9, 2005

Settlement in blue LED patent suit could reach 1.5 billion yen

Nichia Corp. and former researcher Shuji Nakamura are negotiating a settlement worth ¥500 million  to ¥1.5 billion over their high-profile dispute on the patent for the blue light-emitting diode, according to sources familiar with the lawsuit. The Tokyo High Court recommended in December that the ...

Business Dec 25, 2004

Blue LED case may end out of court

The Tokyo High Court recommended that a 50-year-old researcher and Nichia Corp., his former employer, settle their dispute over the blue light-emitting diode patent without any court ruling. The Tokyo District Court ordered Nichia in January to pay 20 billion yen to Shuji Nakamura as ...

Cashing in on ideas

Lifestyle Jul 25, 2004

Cashing in on ideas

by Masami Ito

Thomas Edison's electricity, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, the Wright Brothers' creaky biplane, H.G. Wells' time machine (OK, that last one hasn't happened yet), but through these world-changing discoveries, our daily lives have been made easier. Flick a switch and light banishes the darkness, pick ...

National Mar 7, 2004

Nichia deposits ¥10 billion in spat over patent royalties

Chemical maker Nichia Corp. deposited ¥10 billion at the Justice Ministry after a court approved its request to block the execution of a January ruling ordering it to pay ¥20 billion  to the inventor of a key semiconductor device, Nichia officials said Saturday. The company ...

Court dismisses inventor's patent claim but will consider reward

National Sep 20, 2002

Court dismisses inventor's patent claim but will consider reward

The Tokyo District Court on Thursday acknowledged Nichia Corp.'s ownership of the patent for a key semiconductor device, rejecting a suit filed by the inventor, now a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. But the court recognized that Shuji Nakamura, 48, is eligible ...