National / Politics Aug 19, 2015

Nakatani defends Joint Staff security bills document

by Mizuho Aoki

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani admitted Wednesday that the ministry's Joint Staff Office created an internal document in late May about expanding overseas operations of the Self-Defense Forces, based on the assumption that security legislation currently under debate in the Upper House would be enacted. Nakatani, ...

LDP member under fire for belittling student protesters

National / Politics Aug 4, 2015

LDP member under fire for belittling student protesters

A Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker is in hot water over a recent tweet that branded students protesting against the Abe administration's security legislation as "self-centered" and "extremely selfish." Takaya Muto, 36, said on Twitter last week that members of Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy ...

Editorials Aug 2, 2015

Iraq mission and the security bills

Recently released details of a 2008 GSDF mission to the "noncombat zone" in Iraq should be taken into account as the Upper House scrutinizes security legislation what would expand the scope of SDF missions abroad.

Editorials Jul 26, 2015

Alarmist defense white paper

By highlighting the threat posed by China, the government appears to be using the white paper to drum up public support for the Abe administration's controversial security legislation.