Powell, Rice staffers also tied to classified personal emails

World / Politics Feb 5, 2016

Powell, Rice staffers also tied to classified personal emails

ashington Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and aides to his successor, Condoleezza Rice, both received classified information a handful of times via personal email accounts, the top Democrat on a congressional oversight panel said on Thursday. The findings come after nearly a year of ...

World Aug 5, 2014

China urged to reveal payments for Africa's natural resources

China should publicly disclose what it pays African governments for extracting oil, gas and minerals as a way to level the playing field for companies worldwide and help countries get a fair deal for their natural resource wealth, billionaire investor George Soros said on ...

World Mar 18, 2014

China working on new anti-satellite weapon, U.S. researcher says

A detailed analysis of satellite imagery published Monday provides additional evidence that a Chinese rocket launch in May 2013 billed as a research mission was actually a test of a new anti-satellite weapon based on a road-mobile ballistic missile. Brian Weeden, a former U.S. Air ...

Editorials Sep 9, 2013

Anti-democratic secrecy bill

A bill to protect government secrets could undermine the fundamental democratic principles of freedom of information and freedom of the press.