Tokyo's cool beasts of fashion

Style & Design | ON: FASHION Aug 8, 2015

Tokyo's cool beasts of fashion

by Misha Janette

Monstrously cute dining in Harajuku On Aug. 1, creative director Sebastian Masuda opened the Kawaii Monster Cafe, a curious place that brings Harajuku to life in storybook style. Designed to look like you're entering the belly of a beast that "swallowed Harajuku whole," the space encourages ...

'Kawaii' gets a landmark

Lifestyle Dec 25, 2014

'Kawaii' gets a landmark

by Mike Sunda

While Japanese cool hunters might lament the lack of pop cultural exports in recent years — all the more conspicuous when compared to K-Pop's successful forays westward — kawaii (cute) culture has quietly permeated into global consciousness with all the effortless grace of singer ...

Let's talk 100 percent <em>kawaii!</em>

Style & Design Jul 2, 2013

Let's talk 100 percent kawaii!

by Samuel Thomas

Long before the mayor of Shibuya announced pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as an official ambassador of kawaii culture, Sebastian Masuda, her art director, had been on a mission to spread "kawaii culture" across the world, advocating it as not only a potent source ...