National Dec 20, 2015

Nuclear disaster drill held near Japan's only rebooted plant

Following its reactivation earlier this year, a nuclear disaster drill was held around the country's sole working nuclear power plant on Sunday. About 3,600 officials and residents took part in the event to prepare for the possibility of a serious accident within 30 km (18 ...

National Oct 14, 2015

Kyushu utility set to restart second nuclear reactor

Kyushu Electric Power Co. said it will restart the No. 2 reactor at its Sendai nuclear plant on Thursday, the second unit to resume operations after dozens of reactors were shut following the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Japan has been inching back towards nuclear energy, turning ...

National Sep 11, 2015

Kyushu Electric begins fueling second Sendai reactor

Kyushu Electric Power Co. said Friday it was loading fuel into the second reactor at its Sendai nuclear power plant, bringing it a step closer to a planned mid-October restart. The No. 2 reactor at the two-unit plant will be the second nationwide to secure ...

Protesters gather as reactor in Kagoshima restarts

National Aug 12, 2015

Protesters gather as reactor in Kagoshima restarts

More than 100 people rallied Tuesday in front of the Sendai power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture to protest Japan's first reactivation of a nuclear reactor in nearly two years. Blasting the restart as a hasty decision, the crowd at the gates of Kyushu Electric Power ...

Editorials Aug 11, 2015

Sendai nuclear power plant restart

The restart of operations at the Sendai plant should serve as an occasion for the government, the power industry and the public to reassess the sustainability of nuclear power generation in this country.