Commentary / World Mar 20, 2010

Let the clean water flow

by Caroline Boin

LONDON — The 18th annual World Water Day (March 22) offers the same old problems and rejects the practical solutions. On Monday, 1 billion people will, as usual, spend the day without clean water and a third of humanity without adequate sanitation. As usual, ...

Commentary / World Mar 3, 2010

Iran's 'mullahnomics' is failing

by Kenan Mortan

ISTANBUL — As the standoff between Iran's government and opposition continues, one factor that may determine the outcome, but which is rarely discussed, is the rickety state of the Iranian economy. Will its sclerotic performance ultimately turn out to be what tips the balance? Iran's ...

Commentary / World Jan 10, 2010

Kremlin two-step: modernize or marginalize

by Dmitri Trenin

MOSCOW — Westerners often see Russian politics in terms of a high-level struggle between liberals and conservatives: Ligachev and Yakovlev under Mikhail Gorbachev; reformers and nationalists under Boris Yeltsin; siloviki and economic liberals under Vladimir Putin. Westerners also view Russia in terms of a tradition ...