National Feb 22, 2017

Bill lays out tougher regulations for 'minpaku' private lodgings

The government has drawn up a draft bill stipulating tougher regulations on minpaku (private lodging) businesses, sources said Tuesday. Drafted amid concerns of an increase in noise complaints and other issues as minpaku services become increasingly popular with tourists, the bill would force providers to ...

National Oct 18, 2016

Tougher rules sought for charter buses based on fatal Nagano crash

Responding to a fatal ski bus crash in Nagano Prefecture last winter, the government said Tuesday it wants to make charter bus companies renew their business license every five years. Other change in the road transportation law sought by the government would raise the maximum ...

Law gets serious about cycling safety

Reference | EXPLAINER Jun 29, 2015

Law gets serious about cycling safety

by Masaaki Kameda

Bicycle use is growing along with greater public awareness of health and environmental issues, with cities around the country beginning to rent them out to visitors who are eager to tour Japan on the cheap. But this has triggered a rise in fatal accidents caused ...

Business Jun 18, 2015

Smaller carry-ons placed on hold after U.S. carriers balk

Frequent fliers can rest easy. Your carry-on bags are safe for now. The trade group for global airlines is reassessing its much-criticized guidelines for handheld luggage after suggesting that the bags become smaller. That idea has been put on hold. "Significant concerns were expressed in North ...

Editorials May 2, 2015

Regulating the drone revolution

The government needs to strike an appropriate regulatory balance that doesn't pose barriers to the use of drones for constructive purposes but prevents them from being used in ways that poses a danger to people or violates their privacy rights.

World Mar 25, 2015

FAA streamlines approval for some commercial drone use

U.S. aviation regulators on Tuesday unveiled a new policy to speed up approval for the use of commercial drones in the United States under certain conditions. The Federal Aviation Administration, in a move first reported by Reuters last week, said it would award "blanket" certification ...