Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits

Reference | EXPLAINER Nov 4, 2013

Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits

by Ayako Mie

Indecision is a much-criticized feature of Japanese politics. Diet sessions are rife with unproductive wrangling as the ruling and opposition camps dispute the timing of the submission of bills while avoiding constructive discussions on them. Making matters worse, because the Constitution stipulates that Cabinet members ...

Business / Economy Jul 18, 2013

China economy 'unsustainable': IMF

China's economy, fueled by credit and government debt that has increased far faster than official statistics reflect, is heading in an "unsustainable" direction that poses major risks in the years ahead, the International Monetary Fund reported Wednesday. In one of its sharpest critiques of the ...

Editorials Feb 1, 2013

Not the way to reform education

As for "resuscitating" education, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appears more interested in nurturing children who will help Japan achieve its national goals.