/ Dec 23, 2014

High risks, rewards in Xi's reforms

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Only by addressing the weakening of investment-led growth, bureacratic inefficiencies and worsening pollution, and then shifting to an innovation-based, environmentally sustainable growth model, can China continue to prosper and ultimately achieve high-income status.

/ Aug 15, 2014

GPIF law change may be shelved, Kihara says

A law to transform how the world's biggest pension fund is run can wait and may even be shelved, said a ruling party official, contradicting his deputy policy chief who called it the top priority. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's team can achieve adjustments at the ...

Aug 6, 2014

Xi should push rule of law

If Chinese leader Xi Jinping is serious about enacting reforms, he should implement political and judiciary changes designed to strip the party of its privilege and firmly establish the rule of law.

Jan 7, 2014

China to give as many as five privately funded banks a chance

China will allow a batch of three to five banks funded by private investment this year to operate under a trial as part of the country's financial reforms, according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission. China will guide private investment to participate in the restructuring ...

Entrance exams get failing grade

| Dec 2, 2013

Entrance exams get failing grade


National university exams are notorious for their emphasis on book learning. Once a year, examinees throng test sites, doing their best to regurgitate heaps of facts in the hopes of getting into the university of their choice. Once done, however, the pressure to study is off. ...

Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits

| Nov 4, 2013

Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits


Indecision is a much-criticized feature of Japanese politics. Diet sessions are rife with unproductive wrangling as the ruling and opposition camps dispute the timing of the submission of bills while avoiding constructive discussions on them. Making matters worse, because the Constitution stipulates that Cabinet members ...

/ Jul 18, 2013

China economy 'unsustainable': IMF

China's economy, fueled by credit and government debt that has increased far faster than official statistics reflect, is heading in an "unsustainable" direction that poses major risks in the years ahead, the International Monetary Fund reported Wednesday. In one of its sharpest critiques of the ...