Editorials Oct 7, 2014

A resurgent U.S. economy

The U.S. economy is posting the strongest growth since the end of 2011, outpacing the forecasts and confounding experts who saw a country that had lost its vitality.

Industrial materials demand rebounding

Business / Economy Jan 24, 2014

Industrial materials demand rebounding

Demand for industrial materials is showing clear signs of recovery, with steel and cement production in 2013 in Japan hitting their highest levels in five years on the back of the building boom in disaster-struck regions and urban areas undergoing economic expansion. Production of paper ...

Economy rated as 'recovering'

Business / Economy Jan 17, 2014

Economy rated as 'recovering'

The government on Friday revised upward its basic assessment of the economy, describing it as "recovering" for the first time in six years, on the back of robust consumer spending ahead of the sales tax hike in April and improvement in business investment. "The Japanese ...

Editorials Jul 31, 2013

Bigger burden on households

A rising consumer price index won't do Japan's economic recovery much good if workers' wages remain stagnant. It will just increase the burden on households.

Business / Economy Jul 23, 2013

Latest assessment adds 'recovery' to rhetoric

The government Tuesday upgraded its basic assessment of the economy for the third straight month as business investment has begun showing signs of bouncing back, using the word "recovery" for the first time in 10 months. In its monthly economic report for July, the administration ...

Young returnees aiding post-disaster Tohoku

National Jul 23, 2013

Young returnees aiding post-disaster Tohoku

by Tomoki Fukae

A rising number of young people who had left their hometowns in Tohoku before the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami wrecked the region have started returning to support its recovery. Mamoru Kondo, 27, is one of many young Tohoku natives who had moved to ...