Ramen workshops teach hopefuls tricks of trade

National Dec 24, 2013

Ramen workshops teach hopefuls tricks of trade

by Junji Yamaguchi

A company in Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture, has organized a series of workshops for aspiring chefs interested in opening ramen restaurants to teach them how to make noodles, manage their businesses and even design interiors. Many of the participants are former company employees who lack experience ...

Reader Mail Oct 13, 2011

What does college ranking mean?

Regarding the Oct. 7 Kyodo article from London titled "Todai slips but reclaims best Asia university title": Who cares? What is it with the need to establish rankings? Is it for bragging rights? Academic chest-beating? Snob appeal on resumes? Cal Tech is, by reputation, ...

Editorials Oct 5, 2008

Health concerns of the elderly

Government leaders appear to be flip-flopping on their views of the unpopular health insurance system for people aged 75 or over. People have difficulty discerning leaders' true intentions. Unless clear explanations follow soon, the views may be taken as a ruse to soothe voters ...