National Aug 30, 2014

Fukushima governor officially accepts radioactive storage plan

Fukushima's governor on Saturday officially agreed to let the central government store radioactive debris collected from decontamination operations for three decades in return for ¥301 billion in subsidies. "It's a difficult decision, but I want to accept the construction plan," Gov. Yuhei Sato told reporters. Sato ...

National Aug 27, 2014

Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost ¥11 trillion: study

The Fukushima nuclear accident will cost an estimated ¥11.08 trillion, almost double the government projection made at the end of 2011, according to a recent study by Japanese college professors. The figure includes ¥4.91 trillion to compensate affected residents, ¥2.48 trillion for radiation cleanup work, ...

National Mar 9, 2014

Naraha won't get waste storage site

At the request of Fukushima Gov. Yohei Sato, the government has decided to exclude one of three towns from the radioactive waste storage plan being developed in response to Fukushima nuclear crisis, sources close to the matter said. The feuding between Tokyo and the tainted ...

Editorials Jan 21, 2014

Japan's nuclear waste problem

The government plans to step up its efforts to select a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power generation despite having searched for more than a decade, without success, to find a willing host community.

National Dec 15, 2013

State to purchase Fukushima land for waste storage

The Environment Ministry officially announced Saturday that the government aims to buy 19 sq. km of land around the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex to build facilities for the long-term storage of radioactive and other waste churned up by decontamination work. The plan was ...

National Dec 13, 2013

Law mulled to guarantee Fukushima not final waste site

The Environment Ministry is considering a law that would force the government to dispose of radioactive waste from decontamination work in Fukushima outside the prefecture within 30 years, according to government sources. The move is intended to make it easier for Fukushima Prefecture to accept ...

Editorials Oct 28, 2013

Two tasks for the opposition

The Diet must thoroughly scrutinize the Abe administration's rationale for pushing to restart some of Japan's 50 nuclear reactors that have been offline for more than two years.

National Oct 27, 2013

LDP to seek tax money for nuke storage

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to propose that public funds be used to build and manage "temporary" storage facilities in Fukushima Prefecture for radioactive rubbish tainted by the nuclear disaster, party sources said. The move is aimed at easing pressure on the finances of beleaguered ...