World Apr 21, 2013

U.S., EU differ on public monitoring

The United States is an on-camera nation, as the efforts to identify suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings showed. In the battle of security versus privacy, many European countries have made a different calculation. U.S. authorities reviewed thousands of videos before releasing the images of ...

Business / Tech Mar 16, 2013

Browser makers consider limits to tracking users

It is often hard to tell which is the Web's priority: helping you learn about the world or helping the world — and especially advertisers — learn about you. But that balance is beginning to shift, to the delight of consumer advocates and the horror ...

World / Social Issues Feb 23, 2013

25% of U.S. teens harassed online by partner

In another mark of the increasingly digital life of teenagers, more than 25 percent of those who dated said their love interests threatened or harassed them online or using texts, according to a new study that is touted as the most comprehensive look at ...

Naming slain captives raises privacy issues

National Jan 25, 2013

Naming slain captives raises privacy issues

by Masami Ito

The victims' right to privacy was pitted against the public's right to know as the media pressed for the names of the Algerian hostage crisis victims to be disclosed while the government and JGC Corp. remained tight-lipped, but Tokyo finally caved Friday, revealing the ...