More Sports Jun 19, 2018

Shigakkan University fires wrestling coach Kazuhito Sakae

Former Japan Wrestling Federation development director Kazuhito Sakae was officially dismissed as head coach of the Shigakkan University wrestling team, following approval by the school's board of directors on Monday. Sakae, who resigned from the JWF in April for power harassment of four-time Olympic wrestling ...

National Nov 21, 2014

Gunma University fires professor for verbal harassment

Gunma University has fired a professor at its medical school for verbally harassing his staff, including by telling a women she was not allowed to have children. The unnamed professor, who is in his 40s, was sacked for making comments construed as "power harassment" between ...

Editorials Nov 30, 2013

Upgrading rules on harassment

The labor ministry is planning to tighten and enforce the country's guidelines for harassment in the workplace. Included is a reconsideration of office conversations between people of the same gender.