Environment Aug 30, 2013

Smokestack emissions could produce energy

by Brian Palmer

If pollution had a mascot, it would be the smokestack. Do a Google image search for "pollution." What do you see? A bunch of smokestacks with ominous gray clouds billowing out the top. It is a reasonable association to make. Smokestack emissions contain nasty chemicals, ...

Business Jun 8, 2013

Social cost of carbon is rising: U.S.

Buried in an obscure regulation on microwave ovens is a revealing change in President Barack Obama's approach to global warming. Last week, the Department of Energy announced an update to its energy-efficiency standards for microwaves, requiring newer models to use less power while in stand-by ...

World Jun 4, 2013

U.K. lawmakers rebuke Cameron

Lawmakers in Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition this week plan to rebel against the government in favor of setting pollution targets earlier, a measure industry groups say will hurt the economy. Some members of the ruling Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties plan to join with ...

National May 7, 2013

Japan, S. Korea, China to share air pollutant data

Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to share information on cross-border pollution, including on PM2.5 — hazardous particulate matter measuring below 2.5 microns — through a trilateral working-level panel. In a joint statement adopted after two days of talks wrapped up Monday in Kitakyushu, ...

Environment Apr 2, 2013

Exxon Mobil mops up large pipeline spill

Exxon Mobil said that one of its pipelines leaked "a few thousand" barrels of Canadian heavy crude oil near Mayflower, Arkansas, late Friday, prompting the evacuation of 22 homes and reinforcing concerns many critics have raised about the Keystone XL pipeline that is awaiting ...

Environment Mar 30, 2013

U.S. to set new rules for cleaner gasoline

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was to move ahead Friday with a rule requiring cleaner gasoline and lower-pollution vehicles nationwide, amounting to one of President Barack Obama's most significant air pollution initiatives, according to people briefed on the decision. The proposed standards would add less ...

Suit in '68 Kanemi oil poisoning axed

National Mar 22, 2013

Suit in '68 Kanemi oil poisoning axed

A branch of the Fukuoka District Court on Thursday threw out a ¥605 million damages suit filed by victims of a massive food poisoning case in 1968 that was blamed on toxic cooking oil made by Kanemi Soko K.K. The Kokura branch said the 59 ...

Yellow sand, Chinese pollutants wreak havoc

National Mar 10, 2013

Yellow sand, Chinese pollutants wreak havoc

Yellow sand from China reduced visibility in many parts of the nation Saturday and will continue to drift over the archipelago through Sunday afternoon, the Meteorological Agency said. Visibility was reduced to 5 km in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, and in the city of Saga in ...

National Mar 9, 2013

Fukuoka gears up for China's smog cloud

The average daily amount of the toxic air pollutant PM2.5 was forecast to reach 42 micrograms per cubic meter in the city of Fukuoka on Friday, topping the national environmental standard of 35 micrograms, city officials said. PM2.5, or hazardous particulate matter measuring below 2.5 ...