Asia Pacific Aug 6, 2013

Discovery adds to woes of baby formula firms in China

Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd.'s warnings of tainted ingredients in some products of the world's largest dairy exporter is the latest blow to baby formula sellers amid Chinese consumers' concerns about food safety. The possible threat of some baby formula with the contaminated ingredients stocked on ...

World / Science & Health Aug 4, 2013

Bacteria-killing chemicals may be masking salmonella

The Agriculture Department is reviewing research that shows new bacteria-killing chemicals used in chicken slaughterhouses may be masking the presence of salmonella and other pathogens that remain on the meat that consumers buy, according to records and interviews. Academic researchers agree that the chemicals could ...

Suit in '68 Kanemi oil poisoning axed

National Mar 22, 2013

Suit in '68 Kanemi oil poisoning axed

A branch of the Fukuoka District Court on Thursday threw out a ¥605 million damages suit filed by victims of a massive food poisoning case in 1968 that was blamed on toxic cooking oil made by Kanemi Soko K.K. The Kokura branch said the 59 ...