National Sep 1, 2015

Russia-seized salmon boat to be returned today

A Japanese salmon boat and its 11 crew members seized by Russian authorities July 17 for alleged illegal fishing will return home Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo said Monday. The Russian Foreign Ministry's Sakhalin office also confirmed its planned return on Tuesday. A local court ...

Deal reached over Chinese coral poachers

National Dec 19, 2014

Deal reached over Chinese coral poachers

Japan and China agreed Thursday to boost measures to prevent coral poaching by Chinese vessels in Japanese territorial waters, the Fisheries Agency said. Representatives of the two governments, meeting in Dalian, northeastern China, struck a deal to continue enforcing a stricter crackdown and impose severe ...

National / Crime & Legal Nov 19, 2014

Diet stiffens penalties for poaching after Chinese incursions

The Diet passed bills Wednesday to strengthen penalties for poaching in the nation's territorial waters and exclusive economic zones, following a recent surge in coral poaching by Chinese vessels in Japanese waters. The revisions in fisheries regulations raise the fine for poaching in Japanese territorial ...

World Jun 22, 2013

Fighting the poachers on Africa's thin green line

by David Smith

Esnart Paundi rarely smiled for the camera. One old photo shows her wearing her ranger's camouflage fatigues and a pensive expression as she crouches beside a mound of bushmeat and three despondent poachers, one handcuffed. In another she is in a black leather jacket ...