World / Science & Health Oct 15, 2019

Air pollution linked to 'missed' miscarriages in China: study

Exposure to airborne pollutants increases the risk of "missed" miscarriages in which a fetus dies without a pregnant woman experiencing any noticeable symptoms, researchers said Monday. Previous studies have shown a correlation between air pollution and pregnancy complications, but the new research — published in ...

Asia Pacific Nov 23, 2018

China touts increase in prosecutions for pollution offenses

China prosecuted more than 3,500 people for pollution-related crimes in the first 10 months of the year, up nearly 40 percent on a year ago, law enforcement authorities said, as Beijing looks to courts and police to curb violations. China has struggled to enforce its ...

Smog from Beijing may reach northern Japan

National Dec 9, 2015

Smog from Beijing may reach northern Japan

by Shusuke Murai

The ongoing pollution "red alert" in Beijing may affect northern Japan, a model of weather patterns suggests, although pollutants will be well within safe limits when they arrive. Noxious smog particles may drift to Hokkaido and elsewhere, according to a new simulation of air currents ...