National May 4, 2016

Aging Japan-funded bridge in Cambodia set for renovation next year

A Japanese-funded bridge dating back more than half a century in Phnom Penh is set for renovation in 2017, with an estimated budget of ¥3.2 billion ($30 million) in grants from Tokyo, officials said Tuesday. Sun Chanthol, Cambodia's minister of public works and transportation, said ...

Hiroshima hibakusha helps Cambodians to heal

National Sep 18, 2015

Hiroshima hibakusha helps Cambodians to heal

by Takehiro Ehama

Keiko Kunichika, an atomic bomb survivor, has chosen to spend her later years running a free facility in Phnom Penh called Hiroshima House. It was built by a group of Hiroshima citizens who recognized similar histories of ruin between the two cities. "I remember those old ...

Commentary Nov 2, 2011

U.S. military spending cuts have gone too far

by Dylan, Logan, Jo Kim, J_D_D_T, Eric Wei -Jong Chen, Joy Hiroe, Hiroko Koga, yama, Madare Benji, Eric, Chris E, sarath, Ccat75, manu68, Kurumi Yanagiya, Kosuke Oguri and Robert J. Samuelson

We shouldn't gut defense. A central question of our budget debates is how much we allow growing social spending to crowd out the military and, in effect, force the United States into a dangerous, slow-motion disarmament. People who see military cuts as an easy way ...