Editorials Oct 24, 2014

Patent law must retain incentives

As the government drafts amendments to the patent law, the question is how effective the new rules will be in ensuring fair corporate remuneration to inventors so that they keep their engineering talent in Japan to enhance the nation's industrial competitiveness.

Cashing in on ideas

Lifestyle Jul 25, 2004

Cashing in on ideas

by Masami Ito

Thomas Edison's electricity, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, the Wright Brothers' creaky biplane, H.G. Wells' time machine (OK, that last one hasn't happened yet), but through these world-changing discoveries, our daily lives have been made easier. Flick a switch and light banishes the darkness, pick ...

Business Jan 22, 2002

Inventor hopes lawsuit over diode empowers peers

by Sachiko Hirao

Shuji Nakamura is confident that his court battle can radically change the relationship between Japanese companies and their in-house inventors. "If I win, there would be a storm of litigation. A slew of in-house researchers would file lawsuits (against their companies)," said Nakamura, the inventor ...