Commentary Nov 10, 2009

Enough concessions on Taiwan

by Hisahiko Okazaki

For those who are concerned that democratic Taiwan should continue to have the freedom to choose its own future, President Barack Obama's coming visit to Beijing brings back the memory of a regrettable episode during President Bill Clinton's visit to China in June 1998. Early ...

Commentary Dec 12, 2008

Obama and the vets: caring for a generation

by Tom Plate

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — When Eric K. Shinseki, the first four-star U.S. Army general of Japanese- American ethnicity, was still his service branch's chief of staff, he became a symbol of doubt about official competence in pursuit of the Iraq war. Regardless of whether he ...

Editorials Nov 17, 2007

Staving off recidivism

The Justice Ministry's 2007 white paper on crimes focuses on repeat offenders, using analyses of statistics from 1948 to 2006. It points to the importance of education and support programs for criminal offenders as a means of preventing the recurrence of crimes, and shows ...