Japan's coast menaced by storm surges

National Nov 23, 2013

Japan's coast menaced by storm surges

When monster Typhoon Haiyan slammed the Philippines in early November, it inflicted especially severe damage on Leyte Island, where the city of Tacloban was engulfed by a massive storm surge. Experts said the devastation was caused mainly by two factors — the powerful gusts of ...

National Nov 8, 2013

Fukuoka issues warning on high PM2.5 levels

by Eric Johnston

High levels of PM2.5 particulate matter were recorded Friday in parts of western Japan, prompting the city of Fukuoka to issue a warning amid growing concern that the pollution crisis in China will keep affecting Japan. In Osaka Prefecture, PM2.5 levels of 35 micrograms per ...

No safe country for foreign women: the debate

Voices Nov 4, 2013

No safe country for foreign women: the debate

Holly Lanasolyluna's article published Oct. 23 attracted an unprecedented number of online comments. More than 5,000 people also answered the accompanying poll about safety in Japan. Here are just some of the mails and comments.

National Oct 3, 2013

Cash-strapped U.N. women's agency exits Japan

The U.N. agency for promoting gender equality has announced it will close its office in Osaka Prefecture by the end of October, citing a lack of funds. Having failed to achieve its funding goals due to financial instability in 2011 and 2012, the U.N. Entity ...