Tokyo Olympics' national stadium mutates into a meme

National Jul 16, 2015

Tokyo Olympics' national stadium mutates into a meme

Due to its high price tag and controversial design, the New National Stadium, slated to host events of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has received a lot of heat this year. A meme emerged in which netizens vented their discontent ... and showed off their ...

National Jul 2, 2015

IOC says Tokyo's preparations 'outstanding,' but costs need watching

The cost of venues for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will have to be carefully watched and managed, but the Japanese capital's preparations are otherwise "outstanding," IOC Vice President John Coates said on Wednesday. Japan said on Monday that the new National Stadium, the centerpiece ...

National Jun 29, 2015

¥252 billion price tag for National Stadium confirmed

The central government said Monday it expects the overall cost of building the new National Stadium to reach ¥252 billion, some ¥90 billion more than the initial projection. Construction of the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games is slated to begin in October, ...

Zaha Hadid: queen of the curve

National Sep 13, 2013

Zaha Hadid: queen of the curve

by Rowan Moore

Zaha Hadid was once flying to Frankfurt to give a talk. Her plane taxied out, developed a minor fault, and stopped. She refused to believe the reassurances that the delay would be brief, and demanded that she be put on another flight. Her wish ...