National Mar 23, 2014

JICA to give ¥100 million in ODA to vocational school in Vietnam

A vocational training school run by a Japanese firm in northern Vietnam will receive ¥100 million in official development assistance, officials of a government-backed aid agency said. The school was established in 2012 by Tokyo-based builder Mukai Corp. to get people ready to work in ...

National Mar 20, 2014

Shady ODA-related 'rebates' revealed

A Tokyo-based firm paid some ¥100 million in rebates to people in three countries after winning tenders for projects financed by Japanese official development aid, sources said Thursday. Japan Transportation Consultants Inc., paid the rebates to people involved in the projects in Vietnam, Indonesia and ...

Vietnamese leader welcomes fresh aid from Japan

National / Politics Mar 18, 2014

Vietnamese leader welcomes fresh aid from Japan

by Reiji Yoshida

Visiting Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, meeting Tuesday with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, welcomed new official development assistance from Japan totaling ¥120 billion in yen loans. High-ranking officials from the two countries also signed a document in Tokyo on five infrastructure projects using the yen ...

National Feb 21, 2014

ODA serves as an investment in ASEAN: white paper

The nation's official development assistance to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been an effective "investment in the future" for the 10-nation region and Japan, bolstering development and prosperity for both, according to a government paper released Friday. The ODA White Paper for 2013 ...

National Feb 14, 2014

Japan to hike Africa ODA offerings

Japan is vowing to increase official development assistance to Africa, especially for education and development in the sub-Saharan areas, according to the latest version of the ODA white paper. The aid report for fiscal 2013, to be released by the Foreign Ministry later this month, ...

National / Politics Jan 12, 2014

Japan pledges ¥70 billion in ODA to Mozambique

Japan will provide ¥70 billion in official development assistance to Mozambique over five years for a transport corridor project, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Sunday. Abe made the pledge in a meeting with President Armando Guebuza in the capital, Maputo, as they agreed to strengthen ...

National Dec 24, 2013

2014 foreign aid to be cut 1.3% to ¥550.2 billion

The government said Tuesday it will reduce overall foreign aid to ¥550.2 billion in the general account budget for fiscal 2014, down by 1.3 percent, or ¥7.1 billion, from the amount initially allocated for the current fiscal year — the 15th straight year of ...

National Dec 13, 2013

Japan to announce ¥20 billion for ASEAN cultural exchanges

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will announce at a regional summit this weekend that Japan will extend ¥20 billion in official development assistance to promote cultural exchanges ASEAN, a government source said. Abe will unveil the aid during the summit with the Association of Southeast Asian ...

National Nov 1, 2013

Pakistan airports to get security gear

Japan has extended Pakistan a $20 million grant for installation of security equipment at airports serving Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to help them meet international requirements. "Our assistance to Pakistan has been broadened to a security sphere," Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata said at a signing ...

TICAD to redefine Japan aid to Africa

National May 9, 2013

TICAD to redefine Japan aid to Africa

by Jun Hongo

When the first Tokyo International Conference on African Development was held 20 years ago, circumstances in Japan and Africa were vastly different than they are today. Japan, despite the implosion of the bubble economy by 1993, was still the second-largest economy and the biggest supplier ...