Aug 5, 2015

NRA approves long-term operating plan for Sendai nuclear plant

The Nuclear Regulation Authority on Wednesday approved Kyushu Electric Power Co.'s management plans, which are required to operate its reactor at the Sendai plant for more than 30 years. The approval came days before the unit's planned restart under stricter safety requirements imposed following the ...

May 27, 2015

Nuclear regulator clears two Sendai reactors for restart

Japan cleared the way on Wednesday for a resumption of nuclear power, four years after the world's worst atomic disaster in more than two decades led to the shutdown of all the country's reactors and fueled public opposition to the industry. Regulators said Kyushu Electric ...

Two idled Kepco reactors to get safety OK next week

Feb 4, 2015

Two idled Kepco reactors to get safety OK next week

Two more idled nuclear reactors, in Fukui Prefecture, are set to obtain safety clearance from regulators, sources said, giving another boost to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to revive atomic power following the 2011 triple meltdown at Tepco's Fukushima No. 1 plant. Reactors 3 and ...

Dec 22, 2014

A broader say in reactor restarts

As the Abe administration pushes to restart idled nuclear power plants that have cleared safety screening, the question of which local governments should also have a say in whether a plant may restart remains open.