No-go 'zone' a state of mind

May 7, 2014

No-go 'zone' a state of mind


Whenever Kazuhiro Onuki goes home — to his real home, that is — the 66-year-old former librarian dons protective gear from head to toe and hangs a dosimeter around his neck. Grass grows wild in the backyard. The ceiling leaks. Thieves have ransacked the shelves, ...

Apr 24, 2014

Fukushima completes culling of radioactive herd in hot zone

The Fukushima Prefectural Government has finished culling 1,692 abandoned cows in the 20-km radius hot zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, prefectural officials said Wednesday. About 3,500 cows owned by 315 livestock farmers were in the area before the March 2011 Great East ...

/ | Jun 16, 2009

Ozawa's residual influence

Even after being forced to resign as Democratic Party of Japan president because of a scandal involving his secretary, Ichiro Ozawa appears to exert strong influence over his successor, Yukio Hatoyama. A second factor that may augur ill for the unity of the No. ...