Asia Pacific Mar 4, 2015

China says NGOs need regulating for 'national security reasons'

China needs to better regulate foreign non-governmental organizations (NGO) operating in the country for national security reasons, an official said on Wednesday, as the government drafts a law that has unnerved many aid groups. Fu Ying, spokeswoman for China's largely rubber-stamp parliament, said she understood ...

National Jul 26, 2014

NGOs pressure Japan to heed U.N. call against anti-Korean hate speech

Several nongovernmental organizations have urged the Japanese government to comply with the U.N. Human Rights Committee's call on Thursday to ban activities that support hate speech directed against Korean residents of the country. At a new conference in Tokyo on Friday, Megumi Komori, deputy director ...

NGOs worried Africa will get short shrift

National | G8 COUNTDOWN Jul 4, 2008

NGOs worried Africa will get short shrift

by Akemi Nakamura

When the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Yokohama drew to a close May 30, Sayaka Funada-Classen, leader of a Tokyo-based nongovernmental organization, felt the years of engagement with the government had partly paid off. That was because Japan promised a significant increase ...