Editorials Jan 16, 2015

Uphold safety in gas liberalization

While market liberalization of retail gas sales should be pursued in order to lower fees for consumers, the arguments by major gas suppliers for a safe and stable supply of city gas make sense.

Commentary / World Aug 4, 2014

Natural gas is only as 'clean' as its handling

by John Kemp

Shifting to natural gas is at the heart of the U.S. government's proposed new rules for power plant emissions. But gas is only more environmentally friendly if it is produced, transported and burned carefully — without too much leaking into the atmosphere.

Editorials May 25, 2014

China and Russia strike a deal

The $400 billion deal that China signed with Russia for natural gas has caused Western handwringing as expected, but a broader view suggests that Beijing has other interests that may outweigh this partnership.

Global LNG client group eyed to cut import costs

Business Sep 10, 2013

Global LNG client group eyed to cut import costs

Japan, the world's biggest buyer of liquefied natural gas, plans to form an international consumer group to study ways of reducing import costs. The government-affiliated Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, is proposing joint research with organizations in Asia and Europe on issues in LNG markets, ...