Old ways to break the mold of mass production

Style & Design Dec 18, 2013

Old ways to break the mold of mass production

by Mio Yamada

The simplicity of form and color on display at "Product Design Today: Creating 'Made in Japan' " is undeniable. The ceramics are predominantly white, wooden items reveal natural grains, cast iron is kept jet black, contours are uncomplicated and there is not one single ...

Commentary / World | SENTAKU MAGAZINE Nov 28, 2011

Existential fear stalks M.D.s

The Japan Medical Association (JMA), once the most powerful lobby group with mighty political clout, still clings to its position of staunchly opposing any scheme to increase the number of doctors, in order to protect its own vested interests. As the nation faces an increasing ...

Reader Mail Nov 15, 2009

Christian principles abandoned

Democratic Party of Japan secretary general Ichiro Ozawa's comments about Christianity are based on a common impression of those who neither know nor understand the essence of Christianity. The West is "stuck in a dead end" precisely because it does not live according to ...