What's happening to moose?

World / Science & Health Nov 23, 2013

What's happening to moose?

Moose in the northern U.S. are dying in what scientists say may be the start of climate shock to the world's boreal forests. The die-off is most dire in Minnesota, where ecologists say moose could be gone within a decade. But it extends across the ...

Editorials Dec 25, 2011

The earthquake year

The year of the earthquake and tsunami is how 2011 will be remembered in Japan. No bounen-kai (forget-the-year party) has passed without thoughts of those who lost so much in the triple earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster on or after March 11. The powerful 9.0-magnitude earthquake devastated ...

Editorials Nov 27, 2011

Inspiration from Bhutan

The king and queen of Bhutan were in Japan from Nov. 15 to 20, and they made quite an impression on the Japanese people. Among the heads of state and their wives who have visited Japan in recent years, they probably have left the ...

Editorials Aug 26, 2008

Olympics not all gold

The Beijing Olympic Games, viewed by both the Chinese government and the Chinese people as a tremendous opportunity to showcase the economic development and modernization of the world's most populous country, have drawn to a close. Sports fans everywhere were wowed by the athletic performances ...