Commentary Nov 7, 2011

Wrong timing by the Euro-skeptics

by Timos Mastoris, Echowake, Aki, Toshi, Joshua Walker, Lucian Bebchuk, Alma Cohen, Michael J. Boskin, George Akerlof, Rachel Kranton and Tina Burrett

For Britain's Euro-skeptics, the current eurozone crisis has an air of inevitability and opportunity. The crisis validates their view of the single currency as a straitjacket forcing disparate economies into an unworkable union. "We told you so", crow Britain's anti-European politicians, goaded on by their ...

Editorials Jul 5, 2011

Power conservation in summer

On July 1, the government started imposing a 15 percent power consumption cut on large-lot users serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Tohoku Electric Power Co. Small-lot users, including households, are also called on to reduce power consumption by 15 percent. Other power ...

Editorials Nov 5, 2009

More promising economic signs

Officially, the Great Recession is over, at least for the United States. That nation's economy recorded 3.5 percent annual growth for the third quarter of 2009. Japan is also showing signs of an uptick in its economic fortunes. It is too early to celebrate, ...