Families welcome North's promise

National May 30, 2014

Families welcome North's promise

The parents of a girl abducted and later declared dead by North Korea expressed hope Thursday that there will now be progress in learning what happened and in bringing surviving abductees home, after Pyongyang agreed to reinvestigate the matter. "I certainly hope that it will ...

Obama meets abductees' kin, pledges to help solve issue

National Apr 24, 2014

Obama meets abductees' kin, pledges to help solve issue

U.S. President Barack Obama vowed at a meeting Thursday with relatives of Japanese abducted by North Korea that the United States will work with Japan to address the long-running issue, one of the attendees said. Sakie and Shigeru Yokota, the parents of Megumi Yokota, who ...

National / Crime & Legal Apr 5, 2014

Yokota's parents brief U.S. envoy

The parents of Megumi Yokota, a symbol of the abduction issue involving Japanese snatched by North Korea, said Saturday they have briefed a visiting U.S. envoy on their meeting last month with Yokota's daughter in Mongolia. Sakie Yokota, 78, said she and her husband, Shigeru, ...

North Korea hopes for 'positive results' in talks with Japan

National Mar 26, 2014

North Korea hopes for 'positive results' in talks with Japan

North Korea said on Tuesday that talks with Japan this month should include a demand for compensation for wartime Korean sex slaves and not only the issue of Japanese abducted decades ago, which it considers closed. But So Se Pyong, North Korea's ambassador to the ...

Commentary / Japan Mar 24, 2014

The abduction drama game

by Gregory Clark

Clearly there are people in Japan who do not want any rapprochement with Pyongyang — who are using the abduction drama to continue the image of a Japan threatened by enemies and needing strong military forces for defense.

National / Politics Mar 20, 2014

Japan, N. Korea agree to restart dialogue soon

Japanese and North Korean diplomats have agreed to work toward resuming formal intergovernmental talks that have been halted since November 2012, an official said Thursday. If resumed, the talks would also mark the first time since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office and North Korean ...

Editorials Mar 19, 2014

A sign from North Korea

Last week's meeting in Ulan Bator between the parents of 1977 Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota and Megumi's North Korean daughter could be a sign that Pyongyang wants to resolve the abduction issue and end its diplomatic isolation.