Olympics Dec 10, 2016

Murofushi expresses shock over McLaren Report findings

Former Olympian Koji Murofushi said Saturday that the McLaren Report released on Fridayby the World Anti-Doping Agency implicating over 1,000 Russian athletes in an institutional doping conspiracy was "shocking." "The scope is very big. It's a shocking report," said Murofushi, who won the gold medal ...

IOC's decision on Russia a disgrace

General | SPORTS SCOPE Jul 30, 2016

IOC's decision on Russia a disgrace

by Ed Odeven

The IOC has exposed itself as a toothless tiger. The Olympics' global governing body showed it lacked the moral fortitude and backbone to take a necessary stand against Russia. By leaving it up to international sports federations to determine if Russian athletes who compete for ...

Olympics Jul 26, 2016

International Canoe Federation issues ban on five Russians for Rio Games

Five Russian canoe sprint athletes — including the 2012 Olympic champion Alexander Dyachenko — have been banned from competing at next month's Rio Olympics by the International Canoe Federation (ICF), after they were implicated by the McLaren Report. Dyachenko, European champion Andrey Kraitor, Olympic bronze ...