Voices | OVERHEARD May 5, 2018

The dreaded single escalator

"American man: You've gotta love those elderly folk who push past you in a hurry while getting off the train so that they're first to the single escalator that's operating only to stand still once they're there, blocking everyone else behind them."

Fork hides noodle-slurping sounds

National / Media | Pulsations Oct 28, 2017

Fork hides noodle-slurping sounds

by Natsumi Komiyama

Instant noodle producer Nissin Food Products has created a "noise-canceling" fork to mask the sound of someone exuberantly slurping down a mouthful of noodles. Named "Otohiko," the utensil has been developed in an attempt to disguise the excessive slurping sounds that can be found emanating ...

Voices | OVERHEARD Jun 11, 2016

Selective attention

Why is it that nobody in Japan will jaywalk and yet almost everyone rides their bike straight past the prominent sign that instructs them to walk their bike through pedestrian areas?