French boy is kidnapped in Madagascar

World Feb 19, 2015

French boy is kidnapped in Madagascar

A French boy was abducted from outside his school in southwest Madagascar, authorities said Wednesday. "There were four guys who grabbed him as he was leaving school," Hajatiana Ralaikoto, a police official in the town of Toliara, said in a telephone interview. The motive for the ...

World Jan 20, 2015

14 killed, thousands displaced by Madagascar tropical storm

At least 14 people were killed over the weekend when the island nation of Madagascar was battered by a tropical storm, officials said Monday. Tropical storm Chedza has displaced more than 36,000 Madagascans, said the National Office of Risk and Catastrophe Management. Most of the ...

Bubonic plague claims 32 lives in Madagascar

World Dec 20, 2013

Bubonic plague claims 32 lives in Madagascar

Health officials say 32 people have died as a result of an outbreak of bubonic plague in the African island state of Madagascar. Some 84 suspected cases of bubonic plague — 60 of them suspected of being pneumonic or pulmonary plague, a more virulent strain ...

World / Science & Health Oct 8, 2013

Report links sonar to whale stranding

by Lenny Bernstein

The mysterious stranding of about 100 melon-headed whales in a shallow Madagascar lagoon in 2008 set off a rapid international response — a few of the 3-4-meter-long marine mammals were rescued, necropsies conducted, a review panel formed. Did they follow prey into the lagoon? Were ...