Japan's architects are building a better future

Style & Design Aug 20, 2016

Japan's architects are building a better future

by Mio Yamada

Home-security AI cats; talking walls equipped with motion sensors; communal-living apartment blocks that promote harmonious relations; and outdoor living-room spaces powered by solar energy siphoned off hybrid cars — these previews of our future, currently on display at "House Vision 2," sound like science ...

Lixil mulls another overseas takeover

Business / Economy Jan 8, 2014

Lixil mulls another overseas takeover

by Shigeru Sato and Emi Urabe

Lixil Group Corp., which agreed to buy bathroom-fixture makers American Standard Brands and Grohe Group last year, is studying another overseas acquisition to boost revenue from emerging markets. The planned deal will help Tokyo-based Lixil achieve its target of increasing sales from emerging markets to ...

National Aug 9, 2013

Cyberterror threat stalks Japan's high-end toilet users

by Jun Hongo

Cyberterrorists could strike at your most vulnerable and least expected moment because of a glitch in a smartphone-controlled high-tech toilet system manufactured in Japan. According U.S. security firm Trustwave, high-end Lixil Corp. toilets, which can be controlled with Android smartphones, could easily be hacked to ...