Breakthrough reported in quest to make blood cells

/ May 18, 2017

Breakthrough reported in quest to make blood cells

Scientists on Wednesday unveiled two methods for coaxing stem cells into blood cells, a long-sought goal that could lead to new treatments for blood disease, including leukemia. In separate experiments reported in Nature — one with mice, the other transplanting human stem cells into mouse ...

Upbeat in the face of adversity

Dec 21, 2013

Upbeat in the face of adversity


Twenty-four-year-old Yura Tsutsumi was first attracted to Yuta Suzuki after seeing how positive he was in everyday life. The pair met at university, where they had both studied nursing, and Tsutsumi soon realized that Suzuki was someone she could depend on. "He was always optimistic," Tsutsumi ...

Aug 19, 2013

Genes found to suppress leukemia

A team of Japanese and other researchers identify genes that work to check myeloid leukemia ? a finding that could improve treatment and prognoses.

/ Mar 22, 2013

Leukemia therapy lifts hopes in study

A leukemia therapy in which a patient's lymphocytes are genetically modified to attack the tumor cells causing the disease has shown dramatic effects in five patients, according to a new study. The treatment appeared to eliminate cancer cells that had grown back after initially being ...