National Sep 1, 2016

Cycling fatalities drop 14.7% under revised law

Deaths related to cycling accidents have declined 14.7 percent since the road traffic law was revised a year ago, the National Police Agency said Thursday. During the one-year period through May, 517 cyclists died in accidents, down 89 from a year earlier, as the number ...

Temps fear the worst under biz-friendly Abe

National Feb 3, 2014

Temps fear the worst under biz-friendly Abe

The Labor Policy Council is pushing to ease the rules on hiring — and firing — temporary workers. This coincides with the Liberal Democratic Party's desire to make Japan more "business friendly" — a major shift from the pro-labor Democratic Party of Japan's policies when ...

National Oct 3, 2013

Stronger anti-stalking law comes into force

The revised anti-stalking law, passed in June in response to recent high-profile murder cases involving stalkers, took effect Thursday. The revision, the first since the law was enacted in November 2000, requires the police to explain to a victim in writing if they don't issue ...