WWII Hanaoka labor camp uprising remembered

National / History Jun 30, 2015

WWII Hanaoka labor camp uprising remembered

More than 100 mourners gathered Tuesday in honor of the victims of an uprising at a labor camp in northern Japan during World War II. Those present included 87-year-old Chinese survivor Zhang Guangxun and relatives of some of the more than 400 forced laborers who ...

Editorials Aug 2, 2014

Getting tough on hate speech

Japan needs to respond to criticism of it by the U.N. Human Rights Committee for allowing instances of hate speech, directed mostly against Koreans, to proliferate in 2013.

National / Social Issues Jul 16, 2014

Pro-Korean activists held in assault on right-winger

The leader and seven members of a group opposed to hate speech directed against Korean residents of Japan were arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting an anti-Korean demonstrator last year. Police said Atsuhiro Soeda, 41, and seven others are suspected of obstructing the demonstrator, verbally threatening ...