Editorials Jun 20, 2010

Adapting to the Digital Age

The pervasive influence of digital media was highlighted on June 7 by the announcement of recommendations for changes in the authorized list of kanji for everyday use. A government advisory panel has proposed adding 196 kanji and removing five for a total of 2,136 ...

Commentary / World Dec 3, 2007

Setting the record straight on Indonesia

by Christopher Lingle

BALI, Indonesia — Japan and India stand as beacons for democracy that surely inspire many of their Asian neighbors. For its part, Indonesia has been struggling with its own experiment with democracy that has enormous implications for the region and the rest of the ...

Commentary / World Nov 9, 2007

East Timor need not follow Myanmar

by Fidel V. Ramos

MANILA — East Timor, now known as Timor-Leste, is the world's newest democracy. It may have a population of less than 1 million, but it has a proud, heroic history and a rich culture built up over centuries of diverse ethnic and colonial influences. The ...

Commentary / World Sep 3, 2007

Countries pay high price for gender gap

by Helen Mees

NEW YORK — Working women throughout the world have long complained of the unfairness implied by lower pay than what men receive. But the wage disparity between men and women is more than unjust. It is also economically harmful. Economists at the International Monetary Fund ...