Editorials Mar 3, 2014

Don't scrap weapons-export ban

The Abe administration plans to ditch the nation's long-standing three-point weapons exports ban and replace it with a policy that would turn Japan into a weapons exporting country.

National Feb 26, 2014

Japan to return weapons-grade plutonium U.S. provided during Cold War

Japan plans to return, at the request of Washington, plutonium provided by the United States for research purposes during the Cold War, government sources said Tuesday. The government wants to be seen contributing to nuclear nonproliferation, the sources said. The Obama administration asked for the plutonium ...

G-20 looks to press for structural reforms

Business Feb 24, 2014

G-20 looks to press for structural reforms

Japan may be strongly urged by its Group of 20 counterparts to push forward with structural reforms in the near future as fears grow that it will soon become a country with a constant current account deficit. At a two-day meeting of the G-20 finance ...

Business Feb 19, 2014

Japan to offer tariff reduction for U.S. beef in TPP talks

Japan is expected to offer reducing tariffs on beef imported from the United States in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks, according to highly placed sources. The Abe administration has been reluctant to cut tariffs on key farm products, including beef and pork, but it ...

Business Feb 12, 2014

U.S. approves further LNG exports to Japan

The U.S. Energy Department said Tuesday it has authorized exports of domestically produced liquefied natural gas via an international consortium including Japanese firms such as major trading house Mitsui & Co. The move is expected to help Japan procure cheaper energy resources including shale gas, ...

Editorials Feb 10, 2014

Obstacles to green energy expansion

The review of the feed-in tariff system should not be perfunctory. The government should make serious efforts to remove obstacles to the expansion of renewable energy sources.

Commentary / World Feb 4, 2014

South Korea's Japanese mirror

by Danny Leipziger

Japan and South Korea have similar social and economic problems. The difference is that South Korea may still have time to ameliorate some trends and avoid a quagmire of permanent low growth and long-term decline.