Editorials Oct 18, 2016

SDF's expanding missions

Lawmakers in the Diet should once again scrutinize how far the administration intends to expand the SDF's overseas missions under Abe's call for "proactive contribution to peace" and how that should be controlled.

Commentary / Japan Mar 17, 2016

The Japan-U.S. alliance and robotics diplomacy

by James Schoff

Tucked inside the 2017 U.S. defense budget request is about $15 billion to place relatively small research bets on over-the-horizon technologies that can help the U.S. military maintain a leading edge over any competitor over the long term. Close allies like Japan have an ...

Toward an alliance of hope

Commentary / Japan May 12, 2015

Toward an alliance of hope

by Shinzo Abe

Japan's agenda under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is simple and straightforward: reform at home and proactive contributions to global peace based on the principle of international cooperation.

Editorials May 1, 2015

Abe must address home audience

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe needs consider whether singling out China as the reason for strengthening of Japan's security alliance with the U.S. will, in fact, help make the region "remarkably more stable."