Imperial Household Agency loosens up on access to Osaka burial mound

National Dec 5, 2014

Imperial Household Agency loosens up on access to Osaka burial mound

As part of measured steps toward greater openness, a department of the Imperial Household Agency on Friday guided academics and reporters around a hitherto off-limits megalithic burial mound near Osaka Bay. Dating from the late fifth century, Tannowa Nisanzai Kofun is an earth mound surrounded ...

Editorials Sep 11, 2014

Gaps in record of late Emperor's life

The Imperial Household Agency has made public a 61-volume, 12,000-page record of the life of Emperor Hirohito, who reigned from 1926 to 1989. The compilation took more than 24 years, but the record does not include what the emperor said about Japan's war in ...

National Sep 3, 2013

Suga irked, says princess' trip to IOC not political

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Tuesday he was distressed by remarks Imperial Household Agency Grand Steward Noriyuki Kazaoka made regarding Princess Hisako's attendance at the upcoming International Olympic Committee meeting in Buenos Aires. On Monday, Kazaoka said it was a "difficult decision" for the ...

Reader Mail Dec 25, 2011

As mysogynistic as monotheism

In his Dec 19 article, "Why are monotheisms so sexually obsessed?," writer Gwynne Dyer seems to make the common mistake of comparing Western monotheistic religions, with which he is familiar, with less familiar Asian traditions. Contrary to the "grass is greener" view that many Westerners ...

Reader Mail Dec 15, 2011

Arguments that invite criticism

In his Dec. 8 letter, "Criticism of criticism puzzling," Brett Gross wishes someone would explain the logic behind criticism of unbalanced arguments that one sometimes reads in print, with regard to my Dec. 1 letter "Unbalanced article on immigrants" (which had criticized Hiroaki Sato's ...

Commentary / World Oct 31, 2011

Saudi Arabia's old regime grows older

by Fivb and Mai Yamani

The contrast between the deaths, within two days of each other, of Libya's Col. Moammar Gadhafi and Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz is one of terminal buffoonery versus decadent gerontocracy. And their demise is likely to lead to very different outcomes: liberation ...