Above all, Hong Kong wants good governance

Commentary / World Oct 28, 2014

Above all, Hong Kong wants good governance

by Sin-ming Shaw

Rather than demands for democracy, the recent massive public demonstrations by students and young members of Hong Kong's middle class are actually about poor governance by a succession of leaders who were picked by China's central government more for their loyalty than for their ...

Commentary / World | COUNTERPOINT Oct 11, 2014

China's new strongman Xi has a dream

by Jeff Kingston

President Xi Jinping is China's most authoritarian leader since Deng Xiaoping, a strongman who has moved aggressively to assert and consolidate power while promoting a cult of personality. Rivals have been dispatched, he has rooted out those in the ruling oligarchy that were planted there ...

Problem with President Xi

Commentary / World Oct 3, 2014

Problem with President Xi

by William Pfaff

Chinese President Xi JInping has insisted he won't tolerate any concessions to the calls for electoral and governmental reform now being made in mass demonstrations in Hong Kong. The analogy with the Tiananmen tragedy is now widely made.