World Mar 5, 2015

World Press Photo award withdrawn after controversy

World Press Photo withdrew one of its leading global awards for photojournalism on Wednesday after a controversy over standards that focused on allegations about the ethics of an Italian prizewinner. The Amsterdam-based organization said in a statement that Giovanni Troilo had been disqualified because one ...

World / Offbeat Jan 6, 2015

Arizona Department of Transportation comes clean on sasquatch pic

A photo posted on Facebook depicting what Arizona officials said may have been a family of sasquatches, attracting hundreds of comments from skeptics and believers alike, was just a joke, authorities said Monday. The Arizona Department of Transportation said there was no mystery about the ...

Hoax photo of Mandela after death brings anger

World Dec 13, 2013

Hoax photo of Mandela after death brings anger

The South African government said Thursday it would not release photographs of former President Nelson Mandela lying in state, and urged people to shun a hoax image purporting to be of the dead president that was posted on the Internet. While tens of thousands filed ...