Business / Corporate May 6, 2016

Myriad closes Japan hedge fund as Abenomics disappoints

Myriad Asset Management has closed down a Japan-focused hedge fund less than a year after opening it, after changing its view on the government's ability to end deflation through stimulus, said a person with knowledge of the matter. Myriad started the Japan Reflation Fund in ...

Nikon, Casio in short sellers' sights as tech pessimism abounds

Business Mar 11, 2016

Nikon, Casio in short sellers' sights as tech pessimism abounds

Hedge funds have boosted their bearish bets on Japanese technology companies such as Nikon Corp. and Casio Computer Co. as the industry struggles to deliver the next killer product. Technology companies account for eight of the 10 Japanese stocks that are most targeted by short ...

Business Dec 11, 2015

Hedge fund founder says Abe's activist army 'doing it wrong'

Jamie Rosenwald, who's been buying Japanese shares since 1972, says short-sighted activists are failing to make the most of one of the biggest opportunities for investors in decades. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's governance overhaul is about getting executives to invest excess capital, not just give ...

Business / Financial Markets Jan 21, 2014

Goldman alumni to open fund

Golvis Investment, founded by three former Goldman Sachs Group managing directors, plans to open its Japan-focused multistrategy hedge fund to investors this quarter, two sources said. Golvis Asia Opportunities Fund returned almost 2 percent in the first two weeks of January, said the sources, who ...

Hedge fund guru John Paulson fleeced by gold

Business May 4, 2013

Hedge fund guru John Paulson fleeced by gold

by Dominic Rushe

Gold and its beguiling promise of assured riches have lured clever men into making bad decisions for millennia. The latest to have fallen under its alchemical spell is apparently John Paulson, hedge fund billionaire and the man who made his name — and a ...